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My lui lui! 

I love purple!! And I was walking the other day at work and my sight just got caught by these shiny little boot!! It’s so cute and the best part it’s purple enjoy!!! 

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Yelapa Art


I have a friend in Yelapa a little bay in the pacific ocean in Mexico close to Puerto Vallarta, a place where you can only access by boat, there are no cars in this place and host a total of 3000 people between locals and tourist.

A place that feels like paradise and so disconnected from the actual world that we are immersed, in this recondite place in the earth the arts and handicrafts take a big place on a normal basis in the life of this people.

As I mentioned before, my friend lives in this place, she is a teacher for elementary school, we became friends years ago in Mexico city when she was studying acting, we love arts and we have a big passion for the art created by native hands of Mexicans.    The work that takes to create this beautiful pieces handmade and unique is so especial, can take several days to made them, si nos encanta the colours, the creativity that’s put into each piece. 

This is why she start to reaching to regional artisans collecting and selling this beautiful pieces at Yelapa.

Some pictures of the place.

Enjoy corazones de Bombon!

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screams sex


Tinashe and not Tinasha as Britney call her recently in her face drop this video a month ago ¬†or so, and I can say I was speechless when I watch it, it’s been so long since I don’t see a female artist¬†dance the way she does it, we all know she is a great dancer but this video goes beyond that, it can only remind me those glorious days when Janet Jackson used to release this videos full on¬†choreography, ¬†she even does a Janet Jackson¬†famous move from feedback video. the lighting of the video is similar to “slave for you” even I can say the palette colours, ¬†and I just love the idea of cropped hoodies, isn’t that sexy and looks great with the body moves, the uses of elastic in bras is also a hot trend. And don’t¬†you love the type of corset that the dancer with the white hoodie is wearing, Britney wore it first at the same event that didn’t know how to pronounce¬†Tinashe name. ¬†Where do I need to go to find one for myself, ¬†Who do I need to kill? JK .

Corazones de bombon¬†now I need to continue rehearsing infront of the mirror for hours and hours this elaborate, sexy and firce coreography. yeap that’s what I do! ¬†Needs to be sassy!!

Nos vemos pronto!


P.S. If somebody knows where to find it let me know.